Citizens for Byron Donalds

122. Kathleen Sullivan, Naples, Florida

Kathleen Sullivan has been an Eagle Forum Board member for 30 years, and a close friend and confidant of the Eagle Forum Founder, and national treasure, Phyllis Schlafly. Kathleen is also the Founder of the Project Reality Abstinence Education Project. For decades Kathleen has been a leading voice nationwide on all issues related to the Sanctity of Human Life and Freedom of Religion. Kathleen was a Republican Candidate for US Congress in both 1990 and 1992 in a District near Chicago, Illinois, the national epicenter of tough campaigns. Let’s say this: Kathleen understands politics and politicians. So when she scores citizen candidate Byron Donalds as a “10” on a scale of 1 to 10, it means a great deal. Here are Kathleen’s words:

“I’ve been an activist in Southwest Florida for a long time. Please, no comments about my age.

I’ve been a proud leader of important causes for 35 years, along with my “hero” Phyllis Schlafly. And let me tell you, after interfacing with literally hundreds of political candidates, on a scale of 1 to 10, Byron Donalds is a 10!

At the start of 2012, I had never heard of Donalds. Someone told me Donalds would be our next Collier District 19 congressman. Dubiously, I responded: Really?

In February, meeting Donalds for the first time, skeptically I thought: “No way this 33-year-old black man from Brooklyn New York is going to win Connie Mack’s seat”.

Since then I’ve watched Donalds very closely, including several one-on-one meetings. I’ve met his lovely wife. I’ve learned how they function as a team in church and community work. Erika completely shares Byron’s beliefs.

Byron has overwhelmed far more experienced candidates in public forums, winning six of the seven held here, four by landslides. He stands out in intellect, substance, charisma, presence and conviction.

After careful vetting, the conservative Coalition of Americans for Political Equality PAC has just endorsed Donalds, along with Alan West and Michele Bachmann.

Donalds’ interviews “blow you away.” He’s always informative, calm and collected, never wavering from his well-thought-out positions.

Today I proudly and wholeheartedly join the editors of the Daily News in endorsing Byron Donalds to be our next congressman.

Vote for Donalds. As Byron says: we have a country to save!”


121. Craig Weinbaum, Firefighter, Naples, Florida

“I’m so happy that I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago.  I’m so happy I’m not the person I was 10 years ago.  Actually I’m happiest when I can end each day and think I’ve done my best to better myself and the lives of the people around me.

I was raised in one of the most liberal states in the union: Massachusetts.  I’m the product of a white collar Jewish home in the suburbs of Boston. To say that it was expected if not demanded that I be a Democrat would be an understatement. It wasn’t until 2000 that I voted for my first Republican for any office. It wasn’t until then that I grew up and realized how my government and the decisions that it makes actually have an effect on my everyday life. That’s when I started paying attention to what was happening around me. 

I’m now 40 years old and I wish I knew 20 years ago what I know now. I laugh when people call out Byron Donalds for “changing” parties. Who hasn’t change important things in their life over the years? Who hasn’t tried to better themselves by researching and educating themselves on the things that are important to them?  If you say you haven’t, then are you exactly who you were 5, 10, 20, 30 years ago or more? 

By the was, in Donalds case, his conversion took a bit more courage than most.

I endorse Byron Donalds for Congress because he represents what is right about our Country.  He represents the values, integrity, and tenacity that make him successful in his Faith, his marriage, his parenting, and his career.  Byron is not just another talking head.  He is you, he is me, and he represents what we need to get back to. 

Hard working people who care enough about our country to get involved, get educated, and go ALL IN for Byron Donalds!”

119./120. Michael J. Ragusa, Jr., M.D. & Patricia Ragusa, Naples, Florida

“As concerned SW Florida citizens, we proudly endorse Byron Donalds and commend the Naples Daily News for doing likewise. Except for JFK, Reagan, Gov. Christie, and Marco Rubio, we’ve never been more impressed by any candidate. We urge all interested in the preservation of our precious Republic to vote for Donalds.

He stands for the same principles espoused by our Founding Fathers when they committed their time, wealth, lifeblood, and sacred honor in the cause of personal freedom and individual liberty. Donalds has just the “right stuff” all too rarely found in natural-born leaders. He’ll help bring about a renaissance of the glorious, yet humble and God-revering manner in which America was born. What’s been nurtured for over two centuries is in jeopardy, and must be restored and then preserved.

Byron’s victory on August 14 and then in November will be a gift to all freedom-loving citizens of our teetering but still standing country. Don’t be worried about Donalds’ young age and lack of government experience. Donalds is a prime example of why one must never judge a book by its cover.

A failing in America is that there are sooooo very few young Americans with Donalds’ intelligence, loyalty, humility, vision, commonsense, fortitude, and deep sense of purpose. He’s a credit to the whole HUMAN race, not just the “African American” race.

We believe some people are placed on this Earth for a specific reason. Donalds is one such person. He will persevere and win, and all Americans will benefit.”

118. Jim Washington, Basehor- Kansas; Army Contractor in Battle Command Training; Lt Col- Retired Military- 30 years, GM- Exec VP, Doctoral Candidate at KSU

“I’m not resident in Florida 19; not even from the state. I’m from Kansas, the land of Dorothy and Toto. So I can tell the “real deal” from a “wizard” hiding from behind a curtain.

 In my current roles as analyst in the Battle Command Training Program at Fort Leavenworth, and as a Doctoral student, I look at both international and domestic politics pretty intensively.  And I can tell you that Byron Donalds is not only the real deal, but someone who I believe will have a substantial and quite positive influence on the national stage for years to come. 

A friend of mine who is working with Byron introduced me to Byron Donalds’ web site, where I found Donald’s exceptional Vision Statement, his policies, and citizen endorsements from over 100 average citizens.

 Then I watched some of Donalds’ videos, including his 30 minute extended interview with the Naples News Editorial Board. I already knew this guy was good – I figured that when both my friend, whose opinion I greatly respect, and Chairman Bob Levy of the Cato Institute, separately told me how impressed they are with this guy. I knew Donalds had to have real substance.

 But while watching his videos – I was flat blown away  – by his grasp of history, the Constitution, political philosophy, and viable solutions. 

Donalds obviously holds deeply rooted conservative principles and convictions. He is gifted with a charismatic personality and a forthright, skilled, clear delivery style. At the age of only 33, this guy is way beyond his years – dynamite!!!  Donalds is not one to hide behind any curtain (or teleprompter) and spin things like the Wizard did and as most of our politicians do.  Watch this bright and decent young man in the years and decades to come.”

117. Mary Anne Cox, Naples

“Several months ago I was asked by a friend to explore the candidacy of Byron Donalds.

Donalds is one of several Republicans competing for the 19th congressional district seat vacated by Connie Mack IV. I have a lengthy historical political involvement, and I’ve learned to not be easily impressed by politicians or their rhetoric.

This is exactly why my research and subsequent contacts with Donalds have proved to be so remarkable. Byron is cut from a different “cloth” than any congressional candidate I have ever met. I am convinced that Donalds will be a great future leader for America.

Being an advocate for individual rights and a nation of law, I have a deep and abiding respect for our Constitution and firmly believe that Donalds offers all of us the best hope to reverse our current downward trend. I listened to Byron being interviewed on the Constitution for over an hour. He brilliantly articulated his knowledge of that document and its implications.

Subsequently, I attended a Donalds’ event at Season 52. Once again his strength, intelligence and grace were in complete evidence. The large audience responded to Donalds as his message resonated with the needs they recognized had to be addressed for America’s future.

Donalds is an honest man of the highest integrity. I have met his wife and his staff and all represent a political quality that is rarely seen. I enthusiastically urge you to vote for Byron Donalds in the Republican primary on Aug. 14. He will not let you down.”

116. Sam and Bunny Sewell – Best Self USA – Vanderbilt Drive, North Naples

“This spring several of our conservative friends were talking about a young inspirational leader named Byron Donalds.  So we eagerly attended a debate that featured eight candidates aspiring to represent the U.S. House District 19 presently held by Connie Mack.  After a vigorous discussion on the issues, a straw poll was conducted and Byron Donalds received 61 percent of the votes. Imagine that! — 61 percent out of eight candidates! Byron Donalds is clearly the people’s choice!

After reviewing Byron Donalds’ website, reading his mission statement, and speaking with him on the crucial issues, we were motivated to write a letter to the Editor of the Naples Daily News to share our experience with our fellow citizens. 

Bob Harden was the moderator at the debate we attended.  We knew Bob, so we called him to get the “insiders” story on this sensible young banker who was the talk of the Congressional District.  Our conversation with Bob confirmed our beliefs. So we volunteered to lend our support to this candidate who clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest to represent District 19 as our Congressman in Washington! We need more like Byron Donalds!”

115. Karen LaFollette, Fort Myers

“Notoriety and fame naturally exist in the political realm. It’s common to see those elected embrace and indulge in the aspects of fame, often to the sacrifice of their responsibility to the seat or office they were entrusted by the people.

Each time this happens, a level of public disappointment is added, creating a greater political separation between the average everyday citizen and the elected official.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Byron Donalds and his wife, Erika, for several years. They both exemplify walking-the-walk of humbly standing firm to their beliefs and foundational principles, no matter what challenges are presented.

We need people like Byron who are strong enough to stay the course of their beliefs in a challenging atmosphere, remain loyal to their constituents, while articulating their views with the purpose of uniting the citizens of our great nation.

So is Byron the “rock star” for the people of Florida 19? No! But he is someone who believes in and will fight for protecting the US Constitution to give every citizen the opportunity to become a “rock star” of their own, which is what makes the United States such a great nation. For that reason, my vote will go to Byron Donalds as our next representative to the US Congress.”

113./114. Dr. James and Mrs. Dusty Holmes

“We first met Bryon Donalds at a Collier County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC) meeting; where his bearing, demeanor, and personal presence immediately attracted our attention in a very positive manner. We quickly determined that this was a man that deserved our closest scrutiny. Shortly thereafter, we had the opportunity to attend a Meet-and-Greet for Byron, where we discovered he is a very reasoned and articulate speaker, espousing conservative financial principals. We also had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Ericka; a very intelligent and gracious lady in her own right. Then someone in the field of education environment, a highly respected, mutual acquaintance, mentioned Byron in a very positive light, revealing they attended church together. This mutual acquaintance, a Liberal, spoke with nothing but the highest of praise and admiration for Byron. Since that time, we have participated in a variety of events with Byron, including dinners, parades, church services, and organizational events. During this time, in all of our discussions with Byron, the depth of admiration and respect we have for him has only increased. He is a balanced conservative in his political philosophy, his views on government spending/taxation and his personal life. We proudly endorse Byron Donalds as our next Representative to the US Congress.”

112. Kelly L Woodard, Small Business Owner, Savvry Redesign, Fort Myers

“Byron Donalds is such breath of fresh air! Finally we have a candidate who is in touch with the people. Not just a political insider or someone with a family history of politics, but someone who has a real perspective of what needs to be done and who is not afraid to speak it and do it. Byron has a lot of GREAT ideas, and he is very confident in what he believes. It is a great relief to discover someone running for office that is on the same page as we are. On August 14th, my vote goes to Byron Donalds!”

111. John Shelford, Naples, President/CEO-Naturipe Foods LLC; President- Shelford Associates, Partner in Freshxperts LLC

“I am pleased to endorse Byron Donalds to represent me, my family, and fellow citizens of CD19 in the US Congress. Byron believes, enunciates, and lives shared values. He believes in an ethic of hard work, living by law not feelings, marriage between a man and woman, a Biblical Worldview – living by the centuries old moral authority of the Bible. Coming to his beliefs through distillation of ideas and the observation of ‘real life,’ he knows how to live among us, not above us.”